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I think it’s true. Girls just want to be called beautiful. Not hot, not gorgeous, not pretty, not cute but beautiful. Because beautiful is more than what defines the appearance of a person. Beautiful to me is what people see inside you that they find amazing, unique, and praiseworthy. And that something finds its way to the surface for the world to see. Inner beauty make you beautiful. 

Beautiful should never be a word to mess with. Just like love, only say it when you mean it. Because just like love, when you say it, it’s a whole different feeling. 

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Trey & Chris talk new tour together coming this fall!!

gjklagelka/gkeilajga yessssssssssssss

im going to die of happiness before i even get to see them on tour



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I decided to finally start one. Hopefully I keep up with this shit. I bought more clothes th.an I was able to show



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Alberta Ferretti Spring 2011 Details

Haute Couture blog :)

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